I am a Brave Thinking Institute Certified, Life Mastery Consultant. I bring over 45 years of amazing life experiences and knowledge of sports performance, mindset techniques and sports massage therapy to coach and consult with athletes in identifying their passions and dreams and guide you in taking bold action for what matters to you!

Early Life

This is a photograph of my family in 1961 prior to our departure to join my father, an Army Cook, stationed in Crailsheim Germany with the 4th Armored Division. Within 24 hours, at age 9, I was removed from a life in the segregated deep south and dropped into an integrated society overnight.

It was during that three-year period of living in Germany, attending an integrated school, living in an apartment building with white families, playing sports with white kids, and having white school teachers that I saw that it was possible to “have a dream” of inclusion and opportunity. It was during this time in Germany that my thinking about the world and the possibilities of life was fueled by how you think!

When we returned to the United States after three years, my thinking was very different from when I departed the South.

Professional Career

In 1994, I served on the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games as the Program Manager for athlete medical services. During the 1996 Olympics, I served as the Medical Liaison at Olympic Stadium.  In my career, I have worked with the highest level athletes in NCAA, Olympics, and Professional Sports.  My experience as both a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist has sharpened my skills of Transformational Coaching.

My experience with coaching the personal best from people extends from a position with an Olympic organizing committee to, on the field of play, preparing athletes to compete.  Whether it’s a boardroom or personal negotiations, or physical performance achievement: everyone can experience their personal best when they have a support system in place.  Transformational Coaching provides that support.


  • Serving on the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games,
  • Meeting with Emmitt Smith, MVP of the Dallas Cowboys at the Super Bowl in 1995,
  • Meeting with Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler, Rulon Gardner 2000 Sydney, and 2004 Athens, and
  • Meeting with 3-time Olympic Medalist Dee Dee Trotter in Beijing in 2008.

My Evolution

After taking several religion courses with Dr. Thursby and Dr. Scudder at the University of Florida, I was intrigued by religious traditions, especially Buddhism and Christianity.  I traveled to Thailand, Japan, and Tibet to experience different cultures including models of thinking.  I have traveled to 23 countries thus far and spent 46 years as a massage therapist providing energetic touch as a therapeutic intervention tool to help people.  The laying on of hands has been recorded throughout history as an important and respectful action of positive energy support to transformation. I’ve sat on the steps of a Buddhist Temple, Wat Po, in Bangkok Thailand, and stood at the Buddhist prayer wheels in Lhasa Tibet, home of the Potala Palace of the Dalia Lama (2008).

Professional Athlete Exclusive Program

I help professional athletes go from fearful and disorganized to confident and focused so they can create the career and life they would love!

I will provide you with an exclusive structure of support and confidentiality for your personal growth and life purpose discoveries.

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