Personal Best Success Coaching

Benny helps sports professionals cultivate a mindset of success so they can achieve their personal best.

Hi there, sports professionals, executives, and massage therapists.

Are you having trouble:


Figuring out how to lead, motivate, and inspire others?

Managing the stress of competition, injury, or financial loss?

Finding emotional peace while drowning in performance expectations?

Believe me, I completely understand where you are coming from. The pressure from coaches, teammates, fans, and patients is a lot. But usually, that pressure doesn’t hold a candle to the pressure we put ourselves under when striving to achieve our dreams in life.

Look no further. I can help. And I know where you are coming from.

I empathize with you because I have walked this professional road for a long time.

Here are some highlights:

  • I received a full-ride scholarship in Track and Field at the University of Florida.
  • I was the fifth Black athlete signed by the University of Florida Athletic Association.
  • I was among the first recruiting class of African American athletes to enter SEC sports.
  • 46 years of experience working with college, professional (NBA, NFL, MLB), and Olympic athletes as a Board-Certified athletic trainer and sports massage therapist.
  • Selected to 5 USA Olympic Sports Medicine staffs
  • Selected to 6 USA World Championship Team medical staff for track and field
  • I have worked with athletes at over 100 NCAA and SEC events in track, swimming, and football.

I overcame discouragement, an over-worked spirit, and countless years of deteriorating stress by shifting into a completely new mindset that took me from zero to hero. I hit rock bottom before figuring out that in order to achieve my personal best, I had to look within, develop my intuition, gain success tools, and approach life from an abundance mindset instead of one filled with stress and lack. After my complete transformation, I became certified as a life coach through the Brave Thinking Institute, and now I am ready to take my expertise and serve in the best way I can: through success coaching.


Here’s the secret:

“The natural order of life and the universe teaches us that if a problem exists, so does the solution.”

The Basics of Building a Successful Life

My free seminar teaches you what it takes to achieve your goals, in career, and life.

I have taken everything I have learned over the course of my life and turned it into my very own special method of coaching, called “Personal Best Success Coaching.”

Learn the 4 keys of discovering your true passion: knowledge, experience, wisdom, and personal action. It is crucial to have solid mentorship in your quest to develop a sustainable life.

Receive core strategies to tap into the mindset you need to bring your successful future into your grasp. Gaining clarity gives you the foothold that you need to achieve your Personal Best. Don’t wait.

Let me help you succeed.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been through many winding turns.

Now, I am sharing all of my wisdom with you.

I am a Brave Thinking Institute Certified Life Mastery Consultant helping you become your greatest version to build the life you desire.

I’m Ready for 1-on-1 Coaching


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