Experienced Life and Mindset Coach for Professionals

Benny Vaughn is leveraging over 45 years of experience in professional massage therapy and professional sports to help you achieve your dreams.

Benny Vaughn Supports Olympic Athletes

Benny Vaughn has traveled the world assisting Olympic athletes to achieve peak performance.

Now he shares all his secrets with you through his life coaching programs.

Hi there, pro athlete or physical health professional.

Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Are you burnt out by trying things and still not succeeding in the way you imagined?

 Do you dream of the day where you are happy and successful in your endeavors?

Look no further. You’ve arrived.

You CAN achieve your dream.

Did you know that there is a very specific mindset needed to organize and develop a plan to achieve your dreams?

I know this because I’ve built and sustained a successful career in massage therapy that has taken me all over the world, helping thousands of clients, for over 45 years.

Now I am pivoting my focus to help YOU take your massage therapy practice to the next level. I am beyond to start pouring my wisdom into budding entrepreneurs and struggling business owners in many fields of expertise.

Here’s the secret:

“The natural order of life and the universe teaches us that if a problem exists, so does the solution.”

The Basics of Building a Successful Life

My free seminar teaches you what it takes to achieve your goals, in career, and life.

Learn the 4 keys of discovering your true passion: knowledge, experience, wisdom, and personal action.

Explore how crucial is to have mentors and coaches in your quest to develop a sustainable life.

Receive core strategies to tap into the mindset you need to bring your successful future into your grasp.

Let me help you succeed.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been through many winding turns.

Now, I am sharing all of my wisdom with you.

I am a Brave Thinking Institute Certified Life Mastery Consultant helping you become your greatest version to build the life you desire.

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