Massage Therapist Exclusive Program

I help massage therapists go from fearful to confident so they can build a sustainable business and thrive.

Exclusive Life Coaching for Professional Athletes

Are you a professional athlete seeking mindset coaching so you can achieve your personal best? Get help from an experienced mentor today.

Programs for Massage Therapists and Professional Athletes

Are you having trouble:

  • Overcoming fear to charge what you wish you could?
  • Managing the stress of running your own business?
  • Getting your business to a level that you dream of?

Believe me, I completely understand where you are coming from. Entrepreneurial pressure is a lot. But usually, that pressure doesn’t hold a candle to the pressure we put ourselves under when striving to achieve our dreams in life. Look no further. I can help. And I know where you are coming from. I have 45+ years of experience in the massage therapy profession.

Take Forward Actions


Life Coaching

Personal Mentoring